Matchmaking service in New Orleans

12 Reasons Men Should Use a Matchmaking Service

Men that are looking for lasting relationships have been flocking to matchmaking services.

1) You’re serious about finding love. We are wired for connection, so it’s natural to want to find your person. You know that being in love feels great, and life is better when you’re sharing it with the right person. How great would it be to have someone to enjoy all that there is to do in New Orleans?

2) Your current dating strategy has not been working. If you’re not getting the results that you are seeking in terms of finding great partners, you’ll need to change things up to get a different outcome. If your goal is to find a long-term relationship, then going on lots of first dates probably doesn’t count as a success, though certainly an applaudable effort. Working with a matchmaking service is an effective and efficient approach to finding your Person.

3) You hate online dating and find it to be soul-sucking. Between the swiping, the lying, the catfishing, and the ghosting, you just cannot and will not use dating apps (again). 

4) You value your time. One can be successful with online dating, but to do so takes time. We recommend budgeting an average of 30 minutes a day if you’re going to use dating apps effectively. That’s 3.5 hours a week you could be spending on your hobbies, your friends or your work.

5) Roughly 65% of dating app users are male (over 70% on Tinder). That’s a lot of competition to gain the attention of women, particularly quality women in New Orleans. While you can certainly find your person using online dating, the odds are stacked against you.

6) Approximately 75% of a professional matchmaker’s database consists of relationship-minded women. Women are particularly drawn to register with a matchmaking service because they feel safer and generally more comfortable agreeing to a date when they know their match has been professionally vetted.

7) You prefer to keep your personal life private. We work with many high-profile clients who do not wish to have their profiles viewable by the general public. We will only show your profile to candidates who we believe would be a good match for you.

8) Your matches are personalized and hand-picked for you by a professional matchmaker. Our process begins with an in-depth interview where we get to know your must-haves and dealbreakers. We delve into your life vision and the key values that are important for you to share with a partner. We then screen for these attributes before suggesting an introduction.

9) We have access to high-quality, relationship-minded women in New Orleans, many of whom you will not find on dating apps. In addition, you are more likely to get a date with these women when a matchmaker is telling them about your many wonderful qualities, rather than them assessing you from your online dating profile against a sea of other men.

10) Your date will look like their photos. No more showing up to someone who is 10 years older or looks entirely different than their online dating photos. We lay eyes on your match before you do to ensure that their pictures accurately depict how they look today.

11) You will not have to wonder about what your match thought about you and the date. We get feedback from each and every woman, and share as much as we can in a constructive manner. If it seems you may need some guidance or coaching with any aspect of dating, we are here to help. Whether it’s outfit choice, optimal conversation topics, messaging questions, or anything else, we are in your back pocket.

12) Matchmakers plan your date for you. Dating is meant to be fun, so we gladly handle the scheduling and reservations. All that’s left is for you to show up and enjoy yourself!