Dating & Relationship Coaching

Dating can feel very daunting.  Why not invest in yourself and get professional guidance to help you navigate dating in New Orleans as you search for that special someone? Ann Parnes is a certified, experienced date and relationship coach who will help you define exactly what you want and work with you to get it.  We believe the key to dating success is gaining awareness as to what exactly is holding you back, and then making a plan to address it. In working with Ann, you will examine dating strategies, identify patterns, break habits and learn from past experience. Even a small change in your approach can significantly influence your success in dating.

Whatever your particular struggle, Ann Parnes will partner with you to get the love life you desire.   While some may require coaching on topics such as improving communication or raising confidence levels, others will need help with online profile management, styling services or dating tips.  We address each client’s needs individually.

Coaching is an important part of what we do at Match Made in Nola. When introductions are made without coaching, the same challenges and pitfalls that existed with your past experiences are likely to reoccur. If you are a matchmaking client, all date coaching services are included in the cost of your program.

Anyone can benefit from expert guidance in the dating realm, but date coaching can be especially helpful if:



  • You’re currently online dating – We help clients choose the right photos and create better online dating profiles so that they can connect with the right people and improve their chances of finding love. We also provide  tips on screening matches effectively to avoid dead ends and disappointment, as well as uncover red flags.
  • You’ve gone on a lot of  first dates – We examine your patterns, identify areas of improvement, and create an action plan to help you turn dates into successful relationships.
  • You need some help with the rules of dating – We advise you on dating etiquette in everything from texting to phone calls to how to dress for your date, as well answering all of your other dating questions.
  • You’ve been in and out of numerous relationships – We help build awareness around your old patterns and make changes to create a lasting relationship with the right partner. We also help you identify your relationship criteria and goals, as well as clarify your vision for a healthy relationship.
  • You have a history of picking the wrong or unavailable partners –We help you spot those red flags early on to minimize the time and energy you waste on the wrong people.  We also develop a plan to define and attain the relationship you desire with the person who is just right for you.
  • You’re new to the dating scene – If you’re recently single,  dating can feel overwhelming. We will facilitate a smooth re-entry by helping you avoid common dating traps while developing the most critical dating skills for singles.